Beverage Production Line

The beverage production line encompasses a pretreatment system, filling machine, sleeve labeling machine and film wrapping machine, just to name a few. Components of the filling machine that come into contact with materials are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Their surfaces have been polished for ease of cleaning. The air blower has a preliminary air filter which prevents dust and bacteria from entering into bottles. An innovative valve is available for filling plastic bottles. The liquid that is filled into a tank is isolated from the gas, which helps to ensure the fillings are absolutely clean. Not only that, we utilize a state-of-the-art magnetic clutch to control bottle-capping torque, which will guarantee a safe and reliable capping operation. We also adopt a circular cylinder which can help us easily replace the bottles of the same diameter. This means there is no need to adjust our equipment. All these advancements can assist customers in simplifying the process and saving time. They also can avoid secondary pollution, thus making our bottling machine an ideal choice for high-speed mass production.