Our manufacturing complex spans an area of approximately 10,000 square meters and has been systematically organized into multiple areas which perform warehousing, machining, assembly, testing, painting and other functions, for ideal production efficiency. The warehouse has been designed to store thousands of machine parts. The electrical components and key parts of our products are sourced from the world’s top brands. Some examples include: German MANN oil filter, Italian SOTRAS exhaust gas filter, German MARTIN bush and coupling, Czech FREUDENBERG oil seal, German UNI oil cup, just to name a few. The use of top-grade components ensures our products are of superior quality. The CNC machining center is used to handle machine parts with a high level of precision. It will complete several working procedures on a multitude of work pieces in a single run.

Simultaneously, we utilize other machine tools, such as radial drill machines and milling machines, for production and processing of different components. This is the machining and testing area. Components that have been machined are sent into this area and undergo a wide variety of tests, such as dimensional inspection and dynamic balance test. This guarantees our components are compliant with all required standards after machining has been completed. Shown here is our product assembly area. Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps are designed with high-quality sandcast oil tanks. They exhibit a number of unique characteristics, including: uniform texture and excellent sealing performance. Our operators assemble the rotors, blades and other components inside a pump body to form a pump head. Oil tanks are installed with filters, and then the pump head is put into the oil tank.

After vacuum pumps have been assembled, they are sent into the final testing area and undergo performance testing. We usually spend 8 to 10 hours testing every one of them to ensure that our products are in perfect condition after they leave our factory.

Our paint spraying equipment runs with re-circulated water. The spraying operation is carried out with environmentally-friendly paint. In the finished product packaging area, we utilize fully automatic film wrapping equipment, which results in less labor fatigue, superior packaging effect, minimal damage and a significant increase in work efficiency.


The interior of the production workshop
Our manufacturing facility spans around 10,000 square meters. It is divided into multiple areas for warehousing, machining, assembling, testing, painting and other applications.

Neatly-arranged finished product packaging area


CNC machining center
We use CNC machining centers to process the spare parts with a high level of precision. These advanced facilities can accomplish several procedures on plenty of workpieces in a single run.

The pump is being processed by our CNC machining center.

Well-machined pump components

Radial drill presses

Reaming is performed on the pump cover by a radial drilling machine.

Milling area

Our milling machine is tapping a connector of a large pump.

Post-machining Inspection

In the post-machining inspection area, we can conduct a wide range of tests on the machined parts. Main testing points include product appearance, size, dynamic balance, etc. This can ensure the machined parts comply with all required standards.

We use a high-precision CNC machine to test the dynamic balance of the X302 type rotor. This facility can emit laser light to detect the surface of the rotor when running at high speed. Then the dynamic balance of the rotor is tested through the analysis of the time spent under the laser beam. Each and every rotor must undergo a dynamic balance test, which can provide a guarantee on flat and smooth surfaces.

A micrometer is used to measure the length and outer diameter of the X-25 type rotor. It can also determine the width and depth of the slot of our rotor blade. Precision can reach up to 0.01mm.

These X-21 rotor parts have passed all of the tests.


Here is our single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump assembly area. Oil tanks, as seen in the picture, are ready for being assembled. They are made by high-quality sand casting, which results in a uniform texture and an excellent sealing performance.

Pump components await assembly.

Pump covers await assembly.

Demonstrated here is the pump head assembly process. To begin with, our operator puts a rotor into the pump.

A blade is being inserted into the rotor. We can customize our rotors with a wide choice of materials, e.g., graphite.

The pump is being externally covered.

The pump is being internally covered.

Our pump head has been assembled.

Filters have been mounted on these oil tanks. Then we install the pump head on the oil tank.

Busy assembly line

We put together the oil tank, pump head, motor and wire to form a complete single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump.

The Roots pump is being assembled. In the pump, two rotors intermesh with each other.

These Roots vacuum pumps have been perfectly assembled.

Our largest pump X-630 has entered the final assembly stage.

Final Inspection

After the assembly has been completed, all of the vacuum pumps are sent into our final inspection area. We will perform an 8-10 hours test on each vacuum pump. This ensures our pumps are kept in perfect conditions after leaving our factory.

To make sure our vacuum pumps work normally, quality control inspectors need to make an inspection tour at regular intervals. They will check the noise level, pump exterior, motor type, etc.

The German Pirani vacuum gauge is used for the measurement of the pressures in vacuum systems. It features an extremely high level of precision and sensitivity.

We use a high-precision test machine to ensure the quality of our products. Our pump has a high ultimate vacuum level of less than 0.5mbar.

Spray Painting

Our paint spraying equipment runs with re-circulated water. The spraying operation is carried out with environmentally-friendly paint.

We offer a choice of silver white or blue paint colors.

Film Wrapping

The fully automatic film wrapping equipment is working now.

Benefits of the fully automatic film wrapping machine are less labor fatigue, superior packaging effect and a significant increase in work efficiency.

Our products have been well packaged, which helps to avoid damage during transportation.


The spare parts warehouse is managed in a scientific and systematic manner. It has been designed to store thousands of machine parts. The electrical components and key parts of our products are sourced from the world’s top brands. All of the parts and components are correctly sorted. Our warehouse manager is responsible for counting inventory at regular intervals.

The components and parts are neatly placed on shelves.

Electrical components on shelves

German MANN oil filter

The German MANN oil filter delivers an outstanding filtering effect. It possesses a long service life and performs stably.

We use the Italian SOTRAS exhaust gas filter, which results in no blockage and provides an outstanding filtering effect. The filter is exceptionally stable when working at high temperature.

High-strength German MARTIN bush and coupling

The Czech FREUDENBERG oil seal delivers an outstanding sealing performance.

German UNI oil cup

Rotors are stored here after testing has been completed.

Pump bodies are placed in this area after inspection is done.

Oil tank storage area

Finished product warehouse